Adria Airways

Adria AirwaysIn 1961 Adria Airways took its start and over 52 years it's been providing ultimate services to masses. It is the Slovenian national airline. It has its hub at Ljubljana Airport with two secondary hubs. It has its headquarters in Znornji Brink. It gives the international services along with the national domestic ones. It has been documented that over 22 destinations Adria airways operate only in Europe.

Membership and Services

This airline is the member of the Star alliance since 2004 and therefore has been serving in the best possible respects that one can ever come across. It is an airline that has been functional over 5 decades and therefore has stabilized the mark among people about the services that they put forward for everyone. It has the fleet size of 11 which gives manageable facility for people to come across with the flight that Adria Airways offer.

Cargo and charter services are also provided but it's not on a daily basis. This service is operational most commonly for the Mediterranean destinations. There are four subsidiaries of it and the services it gives are found to be more operational in simplest ever respects.

Major classes

The classes it runs majorly include the business and economy with the international required elements available in both. The prices vary between both but it's due to the fact that facilitate become different and also there is a concern put forward for the low budget travelers. Availability of finest catering items at lunch and dinner along with the snack bar throughout the flight time is a wonderful experience for people to come across. Further the entertainment tool availability together with recreational access of best loved movies, music and games makes your flight time passed in best possible respects. Therefore it's the time for you to get rejoiced with the comforting flights of Adria airways that brings difference in your traveling experience.

Discounts offers

Special attention is given to low budget travelers and therefore one can enjoy the deal and discounts which can suit to everyone's pocket in finest possible respects. The online baggage carrying assistance together with plans changing facility is provided to make you get facilitated to heights. All the fundamental requirements of people are given keen attention for bringing the pleasant experience of traveling to the loved ever destinations with you. So avail the best respected in time flights with Adria airways to complete your trip.